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I'm Doing This!

For months, I went back and forth, back and forth:   should I do this? Should I go teach English in another country?  Can I afford it?  Can I bear to leave my kitties for awhile?  What if I love it and never want to come back? I finally decided that since it's something I've wanted to do for years, and since all my stuff is in storage and my cats are getting settled at my mom's, now is the time.  So I'm doing it! Six months ago I was all set on Spain (too expensive). Four months ago I was going to Vietnam (too hot). Two months ago I settled on Ecuador because the low cost of living allows me to stay long enough to really experience the culture in a meaningful way. And because of this display I saw in Nordstom's: I think this was a sign from the Universe telling me to go for it. So I'm going for it! I leave Tuesday, August 5 and I'll be gone for 6 months. I will be going to a school in Montanita, Ecuador, to learn how to teach english as a